About us

In January of 1995 were opened company of ,,Rusnės žuvis”, led by Saulius Puidokas. Located in a small town of Rusnė, where about fish and fishing everybody know almost everything. From the start, is the creation of a strong and reliable workforce, aiming for the highest quality results in the fish processing.

Thanks to the hard and diligent work, company’s name of ,,Rusnės žuvis” is well known not only in the West of the country, but also throughout Lithuania. Shoppers enjoyed the our products, customer circle is rising, so we can now offer not only to the usual fish, but also a wide variety of fish from different parts of the world. We can meet the needs of our customers. Our range is rich of exotic fish names.

In March 2011, the company moved to new premises in the industrial Grabupiuose and was reorganized to UAB,,Rusnės žuvis”. At present, our products can be enjoyed in the Capital. And we are proud that we can offer our customers over 50 titles in the production of fish produced according to the highest standards of quality requirements.


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